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Female DJ

Why would you want a Female DJ? Weddings (and parties) are about emotion. You want to have fun, right? A Female DJ is connected to how the party feels. I'm a bit codependent, so I'm

April 12th, 2018|

Looking for the Best DJ?

First, you have to decide what is best for you. Not everyone likes the same thing.  Music tastes vary, DJ's personalities are all different.  So before you shop for the best DJ, ask yourself some

April 25th, 2017|

Wedding Cost

How much will your Wedding cost? Here's a WeddingWire Budget Guide for your wedding... Wedding Cost - WeddingWire Budget Guide 2017 Music for your ceremony/reception is the third highest percentage on the chart for wedding

March 12th, 2017|

Fun Reception

What a fun reception for Gerry & Talia's wedding. When we were planning their wedding, Talia mentioned she could sing… boy, could she! Check out the YouTube video: For a fun reception,

July 6th, 2015|

DIY Wedding

As a mobile DJ for over 15 years, and a bride myself, I’ve probably gone to more weddings than the average person. By sharing my experience (both personal and professional) I’m hoping to help you

April 22nd, 2015|


I heard about this article about Spotify on Offbeat Bride and had to go read more about it... http://offbeatbride.com/2013/01/spotify-at-wedding This article recommends using Spotify instead of a wedding DJ. I was assuming I'd be upset

April 1st, 2015|

Father Daughter Dance

There is something special about a Father/Daughter dance. Most of the time, I see them at weddings, and they are heartwarming. I'm sure in many Dads' minds, what they're envisioning isn't their grown-up daughter, but

March 2nd, 2015|