Are you looking for a Professional DJ?

As I was pulling into the Sheraton last month for one of my holiday parties, the valet asked if I needed a cart to load in my equipment.  I thanked him and said no, and proceeded to load my equipment onto my own cart.

I overheard the bell captain say “She’s a professional DJ; she brings her own cart!”

Although I was flattered by the compliment, I felt they were setting the bar quite low.  There’s much more to being a professional DJ than just bringing your own cart.

I was equally concerned about an email a coordinator sent out instructing brides to give the professional DJ a “script” outlining what announcements to make and when.

It also recommended instructing the DJ to use clean edits of the songs, and include the event name, date, address, times, etc. These things are SO basic, if your DJ isn’t already doing this they are NOT a professional DJ.

Your DJ should be having a conversation with you about what you have envisioned, and have the expertise to know how to develop an itinerary that considers ALL your vendors and works with them.  A professional DJ will incorporate what you want to hear (and not hear), how much interaction you want, AND adjust the music according to the guest response.  If you’re not playing music the guests like, and they leave – a party alone isn’t much of a party.

Make sure your DJ carries backup equipment, is licensed, has liability insurance, and honestly cares about your event (not just getting paid).

For a DJ that cares as much about the success of your event as you do – call Party Pam.