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San Diego DJ for Holiday Parties

I was the San Diego DJ for holiday parties last month. Two stand out in my mind – one for the SMI Surgery Center and another for a law office in San Diego. Both were fun, but the doctors & staff from SMI definitely knew how to party. We had so much fun, the people from the party next door crashed it. That made this San Diego DJ smile! Doing

San Diego DJ Services

There are several San Diego DJ Services online, but I was the only San Diego DJ at the Make A Wish party in October. As usual, it was a lot of fun. One of the highlights was Darth Vader, I've got to say, he was the hippest Darth Vader I've ever seen. Check it out yourself above.... If you're looking for San Diego DJ Services, search deeper than price -

San Diego DJ for Sharyl & Steve’s Wedding

I had a wonderful time as the San Diego DJ for Sharyl & Steve’s wedding at Belle Marie Winery. I love when couples add their own individual touches to make their San Diego wedding unique, and Sharyl & Steve definitely did that. I do a lot of San Diego Weddings, so for a ceremony to bring tears to my eyes speaks volumes. Sharyl wrote her own vows and I couldn’t

San Diego Fashion Show

I had the privilege of being the DJ for a San Diego Fashion Show two years in a row: “Couture for a Cause”. This is ALWAYS a fun event, and it benefits “Voices for Children” and STAR/PAL. Most of the models are legal professionals – lawyers and paralegals, but two of the models are young adults that were foster children. It’s heartwarming to hear their stories, and VERY entertaining to

San Diego DJ for Birthday Parties

Looking for a San Diego DJ for birthday parties? You’ve found your DJ! I was the DJ at a house party in San Diego for a lovely lady. I got to play a lot of music I don’t often get to play (from the 40’s) and it was so much fun. I really enjoyed the reactions when I played music from the past for the older guests and watched them

San Diego Wedding DJ Cost

How much does a San Diego wedding DJ cost?  It depends on what you want...do you want a DJ with experience? Do you want the DJ to be professional? How much a San Diego Wedding DJ costs will vary based on their skills, equipment, and other factors... Does your wedding DJ know how to properly mix music?  This is something your iPod can't do.  A professional San Diego wedding DJ

San Diego DJ for Make a Wish

I’ll be the San Diego DJ for Make A Wish on October 19, 2013 for the Make A Wish annual Halloween party for the Wish Kids. I’ve volunteered as the DJ for Make A Wish for several years now. It’s hard to pick a better charity. I look forward to this event every year. The volunteers are so dedicated – I see the same people every year. It’s like seeing

Weddings in San Diego

Weddings in San Diego are my specialty.  Weddings give me a warm fuzzy; they are full of love, emotion, smiles, and sometimes some heartfelt tears. Weddings also come with their unique challenges. Emily & Paul’s wedding in San Diego was at the Catamaran Resort. In this case, the couple gave me a long song list; almost 6 hours worth of music for a 5 1/2 hour wedding. I suggested they

DJ at Bernardo Winery

I was the DJ at Bernardo Winery for Taylor & Steven’s wedding.  We had so much fun.  I’ve been the DJ at Bernardo Winery for other weddings, but things have changed since the last time I was there. Now, the Disc Jockey is not allowed to use their own speakers; we have to use the speakers provided by Bernardo Winery. I always prefer using my own equipment, but I want

DJ for Gay Wedding

I got to be the DJ for my first gay wedding in San Diego in years. It was so much fun. No one ever goes to a gay wedding out of obligation; it’s always a good time. I was very honored to be a part of it. Robin said it best, “When you have a choice, you take it for granted; when you don’t have a choice, it’s very hard.”