Wedding at the Prado in Balboa Park

Are you thinking about having your wedding at the Prado in Balboa Park? That’s where Karis & Garrett got married on Valentine weekend in San Diego, California.

I was the DJ for their wedding in the Alhambra Room at the Prado in Balboa Park. This room is appropriate for small weddings. Even though there weren’t many guests, we had a lot of fun! (Maybe a little too much fun for the dinner guests at the restaurant below the balcony.)

Karis’ Father/Daughter dance with her Dad gave me warm fuzzies. I was wondering why she wasn’t smiling, then I noticed the shine from the tears streaming down her face. How sweet that she has such a good relationship with her Dad.

Not to be outdone, I thought Garrett’s Mother/Son dance was the best I’ve seen yet. I was glad to be a part of their day, and I had as much fun as they did.