Wedding Gift

What’s the perfect Wedding Gift? Or the perfect birthday gift?

For Warren, it was all one thing.  The best gift for Doc on his birthday was to marry the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Doc & Natalie planned every detail of their wedding,

…from the location with the best views, to ending the reception timed with the setting sun.  They chose the Thursday Club in San Diego,  and gave painstaking care to make sure their day flowed as planned.  It was clear the most important thing was the people they cared about.  A close friend was their photographer, and another good friend (Lisa from Epic Catering) catered their Easter brunch the following day.

I normally do all the announcements, but Natalie & Doc again wanted to include the special people in their life and had a friend do some of the announcements for them.

I got several comments from guests that they enjoyed hearing music from the past, which is what Natalie & Doc requested – it was a good fit for their guests.

Warren's wedding gift from San Diego DJ

So ask yourself… what’s your perfect wedding gift? I say – a fun wedding!