How much will your Wedding cost?

Here’s a WeddingWire Budget Guide for your wedding…

Wedding Cost – WeddingWire Budget Guide 2017

Music for your ceremony/reception is the third highest percentage on the chart for wedding costs.

Why do you think that is?  Do you feel music is important part of your day?

With many clients, their first question is, “How much?”

If a DJ is $50 for the day, will you feel like you’re getting a great deal, or would you wonder WHY it’s so low?  Likewise, if you search for a DJ strictly by price, what you get may not be what you want.  DJ’s are as different as snowflakes.  No two are the same.

If you assume all DJ’s do the same thing, I must admit, sometimes I’m guilty of thinking everyone does what I do… I’m surprised when photographers tell me how wonderful it is to work with someone that works WITH them.  I would think all DJ’s do.  Then they tell me about DJ’s that do the toast or cake at the moment they step out of the room.

Make sure you LIKE your DJ – before you put a live mic into the hands of a stranger in front of your friends & family, you should TALK to them.

Get a feel for the DJ’s personality – do they seem to care about you, what you want, or do they just talk about themselves and never ask you any questions.

Does your DJ specialize in weddings?  A club DJ will be cheaper, but is house-music or EDM for 4 hours what you want?

Wedding cost is important, but your wedding only happens once.  Don’t cut corners on the part of your party that makes it fun.

Music can be Magic.  Make your wedding Magical!