Pala Mesa Resort

I had not been to the Pala Mesa Resort before.

Several of the employees at Pala Mesa Resort commented that they’d never seen a female DJ before.

I know there’s not a lot of female DJ’s in San Diego, but their surprise was obvious.

We all had a lot of fun at Dean & Karina’s wedding though, and the Pala Mesa Resort was a great place for a wedding.  They have a couple of waterfalls, one that’s a great background at the ceremony site, and another near the tent for the reception.  The staff is friendly and well trained to keep everything running smoothly.

Pala Mesa couple giving wedding vows

Check out the website for Pala Mesa Resort online

Karina & Dean wrote their own vows, which is always a nice touch, they were touching AND humorous.  Dean promised to love Karina as much as his guns.  I even laughed out loud on that one.

Wedding party at Pala Mesa resort

I could tell these guys were trouble when I was setting up.  🙂  Each of them already had their own flask – they were so much fun.  Thanks guys!

Dancing at wedding with DJ

Dean & Karina did a money dance.  During the dance Dean niece wanted a dance – but not to anything slow … I put on “OMG” by Usher and they had a blast with it.  We did some Hawaiian music as well during dinner, and a mix of everything for dancing.

I hope to have that much fun the next time I go to the Pala Mesa Resort.