Outdoor Wedding

If you’re going to have an outdoor wedding, San Diego is the place to do it.

Most of the time the weather is perfect, and it rarely rains, but Jessica & Tom got a surprise when it rained on their outdoor wedding in San Diego.  I emailed the coordinator the day before the wedding when I saw the weather report and asked what the “Plan B” was for the outdoor wedding, and I still smile when I recall her response, “IT’S NOT GOING TO RAIN!!”

I was set up in the garden area (picture from another wedding on a dry day) under an easy-up tent watching all the chairs get soaked in the rain.  I had also set up my other system inside the ballroom (originally to be set up on the concert lawn for an outdoor wedding) and I was waiting patiently assuming the guests would come out and huddle under their umbrellas for the outdoor wedding in the garden, when at the last minute, it was all moved inside.

I went back to the ballroom and saw my whole system had been pushed up against the wall and the curtain that was behind me was now in front of me as the backdrop of the altar.  It was very interesting running the ceremony music from there, and I did wonder how I was going to see the wedding party or the bride coming down the aisle, but it all worked out.  And no one was closer to the officiant when he pronounced them husband and wife so I could hit the recessional song without delay!

Rest assured, this is a rare occurrence here for outdoor weddings – but it’s never a bad idea to have a Plan B.