iPod or DJ For Your Wedding?

In this economy, we’re all looking for ways to save money.  When it comes to your wedding, that can be a little tricky…you don’t want to spend a million dollars, but you want it to be nice, fun, and memorable.
Think back to the last wedding you went to…close your eyes and envision it.  What do you remember?  You take the time to painstakingly decide every detail of your wedding, but what will you, and your guests, remember?

If you answered how much fun you had, then the DJ would not be the place to cut corners.  iPods are awesome, no doubt, but there are many things they can’t do.  A professional wedding DJ is experienced in announcing and coordinating the events of your reception; your iPod can’t take requests either, or fade the song out if it’s not working with your guests.  No matter how skilled you may be in setting up song sets, you need a live person there to adjust the music to what’s getting good dance response, what’s getting requested, and the ages and ethnic tastes in the room.

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Mind you, I’m talking about a quality wedding DJ, not an amateur.  Even if you want to hand pick every song for your reception, a professional DJ will be able to arrange it in sets that make sense according to tempo, genre, etc.  I’m not even addressing the equipment issues like quality speakers and high end cordless mic.

In the end it comes down to how much work you want to do on your wedding day.  Do you want to try and announce your own wedding party, dinner, cake cutting, first dance, Father/Daughter Dance, etc. and coordinate it with your photographer and caterer?  I’ve seen a bride busing tables in her wedding dress and I think it’s a shame.  This is your special day, enjoy it, embrace it, and let the experts do what they’ve been trained to do.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss any detail of your wedding – I’ll be happy to help you (even if you have no plans to hire me).