Why would you want a Female DJ?

Weddings (and parties) are about emotion.  You want to have fun, right?

A Female DJ is connected to how the party feels.  I’m a bit codependent, so I’m very focused on everyone having fun.  When you have fun, I have fun.  I don’t have a big ego or sound like a game show host.  As a Female DJ, I have a unique perspective on weddings because I’ve been the bride.  I totally get how thrilling it is to say “Husband” for the first time, and I know your wedding  isn’t about the DJ.  This is YOUR day.

A Female DJ is in tune with what’s happening on the dance floor, what’s working and I pay attention to the ages and ethnic backgrounds of your party to make sure I’m playing the right music.  When the dance floor is full and people are having a blast, I’m smiling.

Your wedding should be fun. A Female DJ knows it should also be touching, heartwarming and memorable.

I pay attention to all the little details along the way on your day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Mobile Beat magazine just did an article on me – you can check it out here:  https://mobilebeat.com/emagscurrent/192/html5/index.html?page=1&noflash