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Outdoor Wedding

If you're going to have an outdoor wedding, San Diego is the place to do it. Most of the time the weather is perfect, and it rarely rains, but Jessica & Tom got a surprise when it rained on their outdoor wedding in San Diego.  I emailed the coordinator the day before the wedding when I saw the weather report and asked what the "Plan B" was for the outdoor

Z90 in San Diego

Scott works for Jammin' Z90 in San Diego. So, I was VERY flattered when he wanted me to be the DJ for his wedding instead of one of the DJ's from Jammin' Z90 in San Diego or 91X.  I figured there were plenty of DJ's at Jammin' Z90 in San Diego, so this was quite the honor. www.z90.com We met when I was doing a grand opening at a Subway

Fun Wedding

Everyone wants a fun wedding... Including me (the DJ).  I get to be part of a fun wedding, so I get paid to have fun.  Who wouldn’t want that?  It goes a little deeper for me though.  I want everyone to feel like it’s a fun wedding, you and your guests.  If all the guests are having a good time, I am too. That means a lot to me.

Wedding Gift

What's the perfect Wedding Gift? Or the perfect birthday gift? For Warren, it was all one thing.  The best gift for Doc on his birthday was to marry the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Doc & Natalie planned every detail of their wedding, ...from the location with the best views, to ending the reception timed with the setting sun.  They chose the Thursday Club

Pala Mesa Resort

I had not been to the Pala Mesa Resort before. Several of the employees at Pala Mesa Resort commented that they'd never seen a female DJ before. I know there's not a lot of female DJ's in San Diego, but their surprise was obvious. We all had a lot of fun at Dean & Karina's wedding though, and the Pala Mesa Resort was a great place for a wedding.  They

Martin Johnson House Wedding

The Martin Johnson House is a great place to consider for your wedding or event. Built in 1916, the rustic cottage was one of the earliest additions to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography campus. Once used as a home for Scripps professors and their families, the refurbished cottage and grounds now offer a charming coastal setting ideal for social events ranging from business meetings to wedding receptions. Carol & Pat

San Diego Library Wedding

Are you thinking about a wedding at the San Diego Library? If not, perhaps you should.  The San Diego library downtown is turning out to be the latest hot spot for weddings. There are many great venues for weddings in San Diego, but if you’re interested in having one at the San Diego Library – you’d better hurry. Dates are filling up fast.

San Diego Beach Wedding

If you’re thinking about having a San Diego Beach Wedding, the Hotel Del Coronado is a great place. Whitney & Edwin just got married there this month. Whitney and all the bridesmaids were barefoot in the sand on the beach for their wedding at the Hotel Del Coronado. The Hotel Del staff was on top of everything and already all set up when I arrived to do the music for

Wedding at the Prado in Balboa Park

Are you thinking about having your wedding at the Prado in Balboa Park? That’s where Karis & Garrett got married on Valentine weekend in San Diego, California. I was the DJ for their wedding in the Alhambra Room at the Prado in Balboa Park. This room is appropriate for small weddings. Even though there weren’t many guests, we had a lot of fun! (Maybe a little too much fun for

San Diego Wedding Cakes

There are a lot of choices for San Diego wedding cakes, but there are a few vendors that are simply exceptional… Teresa at Grove Pastry Shop does an amazing job; at minimum you expect your wedding cake to taste incredible (these do) but the masterpieces you find in front of you may be hard to cut into – they are truly a work of art, not just a plain cake